Conference & Event Disinfecting and Cleaning Services

The KE Clean Team delivers commercial-grade event disinfecting and cleaning services to our clients. We offer Covid 19 preventative and incident response disinfection for one time or ongoing applications. Give us a call to get quick pricing or a quote. If you'd like to learn more about our service online, take a look at our FAQ page.

Conference & Event Disinfecting

As the event industry returns, cleaning and disinfecting will be a new part of every program. Depending on the setting, the KE Clean Team can help in a variety of ways. Our work in the corporate event space spans fifteen years. We have a depth of planning experience with trade shows, brand ambassador programs, and private events. Planners and agencies can rely on us to develop disinfecting plans that will keep guests and attendees at ease.

Event disinfecting and cleaning services, when should you use us?

  • In preparation for a group gathering of any kind. Meetings, events, weddings, trade shows, etc.
  • On-site maintenance of any high touch surface. 
  • Overnight cleaning of event space or gathering area for multi day event. 
  • Anytime auditing of your cleaning practices is needed. This can also serve as an important reassurance to staff and attendees.

Service Types


Create a plan to keep your business disinfected

Regularly scheduled cleanings can lower surface level contamination and transference of Covid 19.


  • Discounts for scheduled service
  • Available monthly, weekly, daily
  • Off hours service available

Room Reset

When foot traffic requires home or building cleaning

Perfect for Open Houses, Church services, classrooms, or any recurring actiivity with rotating participants.


  • Advance notice required
  • Can typically service in 48 hrs
  • Spot cleaning and electrostatic spraying available.

Get A Quote

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Disclaimer: The application of a disinfectant chemical does not provide any residual effect or prevention from future contamination. Repeated applications are necessary to disinfect areas that continue to be occupied. The disinfection treatments we use are designed for hard, non-porous surfaces and will have no impact on airborne viruses. While the chemicals and cleaning techniques that we use are recommended by the EPA and CDC to prevent the spread of COVID-19, KE Clean Team provides no claim or guarantee that the virus will be completely eliminated from the treated environment.

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